Best places from all around the world to visit in November


New York City, US

You have to get there on November 26! This year Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that will take place for the 89th time. Every year, 3.5 million people participate in the Parade. Another fifty million people watch the giant decorations and hundreds of cheering clowns and a host of celebrities on TV! This year, four new giant characters will take center stage: Angry Birds’ Red, DINO™, Ice Age’s Scrat and his Acorn and Ronald McDonald®. Thanksgiving is the best time to visit the Big Apple. New York Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan 

Spring in Japan gets a lot of international attention because of cherry blossoms. While fall in Japan is less well known, it is just as photogenic. Japanese gardens turn red, orange and gold. November is one of the best months to experience this wonderful colors. For leaf viewing, you can go to Nikkō or Kamakura. These places are not far from Tokyo are they guarantee unforgettable views, including ancient temples. In Tokyo take a look at Rikugi-en Park which is the most famous for its maple leaves. You can also go to Kyoto where you should see the landscape from the temple veranda of Kiyomizu-dera and the mountainside neighborhood of Arashiyama. Japan, Kyoto - Temple garden with pond in autumn, Bishamon-do.Temple garden with pond in autumn, Bishamon-do.

Pushkar, India 

Pushkar Fair or (locally) Pushkar ka Mela is the world’s largest camel fair which takes place between 19th and 25th of November. This is the unique opportunity to see more than fifty thousand animals and three hundred thousand people gather on the banks of Pushkar Lake. A camel race starts off the festival, followed by a string of music performances, competitions, and exhibitions. The venue of the festival is not accidental. Pushkar Lake is of the five most sacred pilgrimage destinations for the Hindus in India. It is believed that when the lotus petals fell from the hands of the Hindu God of Creation, Lord Brahma, the Pushkar Lake was created. Pushkar lake, India - Pushkar Fair or Pushkar ka Mela

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
The South Luangwa National Park is a national park in Zambia. There are sixty different animal species and over four hundred different bird species. The now famous ‘walking safari’ originated in this Park and is still one of the finest ways to experience Africa’s wildlife at its best. The best time to visit the South Luangwa is November. Everything starts to green up – the dust and smoke are washed from the air, and everything becomes clearer and more vibrant – perfect for photography. Furthermore, this is the season of birth for many species of animals, especially mammals, so there are cute versions of Africa’s largest beasts at every turn! South Luangwa National Park, Zambia - baby lions


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