How to book a flight paying with Bitcoins?

You all probably know that there’s more than one way to fly. But did you know that there are many different ways to book a flight with Bitcoin? How to fly for Bitcoins? Take a look at our list of available options.

Airlines that accept Bitcoin 

Accepting Bitcoins as a payment method means for a company lower transaction costs. But not only. Some firms take this step to gain publicity and consumer’s attention. The same is with airlines. Among those which accept Bitcoins we can find:

  • Air Baltic – Latvia-based airline that accepts BTC since 2014,
  • LOT Polish Airlines – the operator form Poland that has introduced BTC acceptance at the beginning of 2015.
  • Airlines partnering with UATP – UATP is a worldwide payment solution provider that has partnered with Bitnet in February 2015 to offer Bitcoin payments to over 260 partnering airlines, including:  American Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, EL AL Israel Airlines, Japan Airlines, Luhfthansa German Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas Airways, Shandong Airlines and United Airlines. Fly for Bitcoins! How to book a flight paying with Bitcoins?


Private jet companies

Booking a seat on a private plane sounds luxurious and very expensive. In fact, companies that accept Bitcoin payments (such as JetVizor) routinely post single seats that need to be filled at a last minute. Last-minute rates are usually much cheaper, and are sometimes even comparable with regular airline rates. However, this does not apply to an extremely extravagant private jet company Virgin Galactic which for $250,000 (price from May 2013) will get you out of the stratosphere. Virgin Galactic has been accepting Bitcoins for space trips since 2013. Space travel for Bitcoins with Virgin Galactic

Flight booking websites 

These services interface with the airlines and handle payment, just like Expedia. The commission fees are quite low and the booking process is really simple. Check out for example CheapAir or BTCTrip. Both of them accept Bitcoin payments. CheapAir additionally offer a  fares tracking. The service sends you an immediate updates when fares change. All you have to do is simply to pick up a city.

While paying Bitcoin for flights below or above the stratosphere, please remember that allows you to earn free Bitcoins for every hotel reservation. The cash back you get is even 5% of the booking value. Paying Bitcoin for flights


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